We offer an array of pharmacy services with 3 goals in mind…to make your health better, easier, and more convenient. We strive to serve every patient in a personal way and welcome any special requests or accommodations. We will do our best to meet those requests!

Special Orders

We carry a huge line of prescription medications and stock popular OTC medications and health products. While it is impossible to have every product in our store, we have access to thousands of items in our warehouse that we can special order for you! Most orders are received the next day. If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask a staff member and we will be glad to order it.


We offer immunizations for flu, shingles, and pneumonia without a prescription. No appointment needed!

Medication Synchronization (MedSync)

Are you tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy for yourself or family members? We offer Med Sync to solve this problem. Med Sync allows us to synchronize all of your prescriptions so that they refill on the same day. We can Sync your family members for the same day as well so that you can get all of your family’s prescriptions in one easy trip. MedSync also helps ensure that you have all your medications and don’t miss vital doses of a medication because you forgot to get it filled or didn’t have time to return to the pharmacy.

MTM (Medication Therapy Management)

We offer Medication Therapy Management services to any of our patients who feel they would benefit from the service. MTM is a comprehensive service that allows our pharmacists to review your current medications and conditions to make sure your medication therapy is appropriate and safe for you. It also gives us an opportunity to make sure you understand how to take your medications and why you are taking them. Some patients have access to this service as part of their insurance benefit with no out-of- pocket cost. If not, we can offer this comprehensive, sit-down service for a fee.


Our pharmacy specializes in customized compounded medications for adults, children, and pets. Whether you need customized doses, alternative dosage forms, or special ingredients to avoid an allergy or sensitivity, our compounding pharmacists can help solve the problem together with your doctor. We compound for many medical specialties and have thousands of formulas in our database or can come up with a custom plan just for you.

Medication Compliance Packaging

Do you have multiple daily medications? Is it difficult to remember when and how to take your medications? We offer medication packaging solutions that help keep you on track. Instead of receiving your medications in bottles, we can pre-pack your medications into easy to use blister cards. Medications can be packed individually or all in one card according to the schedule you take them.


Rather not spend your time running to the pharmacy? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We offer free delivery to Rome and most of Floyd County. We deliver your prescriptions to you at home or work the same day you order them (in most cases).


We have 2 drive-thru lanes to serve you quickly and conveniently. We welcome you to wait while we fill your order, or you can drop off your prescriptions for pick-up later.